Goodbye Anna

It seems easy for you to drift into sleep. You just close your eyes, ready to get away from this world. But even when you’re sleeping, this world haunts you. You fail to stop all those thoughts, those nightmares from reaching you. What happened to you Anna? You’ve always been so strong. But your soul looks so depleted now. Everything you do, even your walk makes me feel like you don’t want to carry on any longer. What’s happening to you pretty girl? Your sad eyes don’t notice happy things anymore. Have they seen too many things fall apart?

It seems like you’ve been hurting for too long. Please don’t go back to sleep. Why do you refuse to shine? This world misses your spirit, beautiful Anna. Why do you refuse to conquer the weak hearts of people? They wait to take strength from you, to take shelter in the warmth of your flesh. They wish to use your heart to protect their own. But you look too tired to even speak. Silence will eat you, Anna. Open your eyes. You are bleeding. Let me help you.

Would you let me sit next to you? Why not? And why do you flinch as I touch you today? Remember how you craved for me those days? Don’t hide away from me, little Anna. I need you. Let me cure you. You say your sleep will heal you. But you wake up so disturbed. Tears don’t leave your eyes. Oh beautiful Anna, what happened to you? Look at my smile. It was yours. Remember the time when you gifted it to me? How you had just dropped it at my doorstep and gone. I forgot to thank you. Have you not smiled ever since?

You have gone and stood so far. These men standing here wanted to watch you bleed. Where is your mercy? Come to us, Anna baby. But do put on your mask. We prefer your outer beauty. It will help you hide the injuries we will inflict upon you. You’ve always cured us. Why do you refuse today, Anna? Don’t you want us to carry away another piece of you with us? Don’t be so slow, Anna. We got no time to give you. We aren’t as used up yet as you are, so we must return to the world. And what would you like to drop at my feet this time before I leave you? Perhaps your life, baby? You laugh. I knew you wouldn’t refuse. You never do.

I must leave now. You see the world calls for me. And you must sleep now. Maybe you don’t wake up again at all, old Anna. What happened to you? You look so depleted.

I turn to go now and you close your eyes. Drifting into deep sleep already. Your face covered with tears and body still bleeding. Perhaps you will be missed in this world.

Goodbye, beautiful Anna.


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