Body and Soul.

I feel so empty. So empty that I want to get up and scribble this on the dead walls of the room to awaken them. I am done with seeking help from the living. They never respond when I need them to. Therefore, I turn to the unknown now. I turn to the hidden now. Maybe it was their emptiness too that has left them so numb today. But I feel like we have things in common. Just like the walls, I feel hollow; just like them, I feel dead. Just like them, I’ve offered support to the living; and just like them, I feel worn out. But I saw myself today in the mirror. I looked so used up, yet so useless. I just feel empty. You may paint my exterior with any beautiful color or shade, but I know my inside is empty. And unused. Yes, you don’t own my inner self. I made you the master only of my exterior. Only my Lord, who truly is living, yet unseen and pure, rules my inner self. Therefore, don’t be proud if you succeeded in destroying my exterior cover. Yes, you hurt my inner soul, but it only made me realize of the strength that I held inside. It made me realize that I wasn’t merely the body that you used so thoroughly. I was the soul.


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