You know what love makes you feel like right?
It makes you feel and do all that you never had even thought of. It changes so much. It changes you. Into something you never thought you could ever be. All that was never meant to happen, happens. You feel pain worse than that of bleeding, and you feel happy beyond all the happiness that was ever meant to be. No things attract or charm you anymore. Its just that one person who rules your mind. Who conquers your heart. You can free yourself from all other things that your mind was ever looking at or walking towards. You get yourself rid of all wants, all possessions, and you begin to feel free. But, now you realize that while you were breaking off from these ties, you were tying yourself to that one single thread. And that thread was him. And you’re no more holding yourself. You’ve turned into that thin silver needle whose tip has got entangled in that thread and all else is empty around. That single thread is all you have in the name of life. It will only take the thread to give you a jerk and you will fall into all that emptiness. You move as the thread moves, your heart twists as the thread takes a turn. But see yourself in the mirror now. You’re laughing. You’re laughing even while tears are flowing down your cheeks. The thread is causing you a lot of pain while it twists the life out of you, but you still laugh. You’re laughing because you’re happy to just be attached to that thread. Do you realize what love is doing to you? It has made you so helpless. It has made you so numb to all that pain that you feel you are happy even while tears flow down your face. But you know now that even if it takes forever to free yourself from that thread, you will have to fall into emptiness. And the emptiness only holds your tears that fell down while the thread was moving you with itself. So you hold yourself on to that risky and weak thread. But did you know, you are not holding, but hanging there. The hold is no more in your hands. The thread holds you or drops you from now on. And you spend the rest of your life in the happiness filled with tears, or you fall and drown into the emptiness of your heart.
Yet, you call this life sacred and continue to live it.

(cover artwork by Januz Miralles)


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