Stay Not

Heart-I don’t want to leave.

Mind-Think, why?
Nobody’s stopping you.

Heart-But I want to still be there for them.

Mind-They don’t say they need you.

Heart-But they don’t even say they don’t need me.

Mind-Do u know what that means? It means they are not even noticing your presence.

Heart-Maybe because they know that I won’t leave.
You don’t notice permanent things. You just know that they are there anyway.

Mind-So you are ready to stay there where your presence is just so permanent that people don’t even care to notice what its taking you to be so permanent in their world of continuous changes?

Heart-I’m only saying that I’m ready to wait till all temporary things have no charm left in them.

Mind-Do you know how long that could take? It could take forever. Do you know what can become of you living for ever in this pain?

Heart-I don’t fear pain. I’ll bear the pain till I’m alive.

Mind-And what if it takes away your life?

Heart-You can’t make me leave in the name of death. I never feared death.

Mind-You only fear leaving, don’t you?

Heart-If I feared leaving, I would fear death too. But I only fear not staying.

Mind-And you only fear not staying because you are scared.

Heart-I am not scared therefore I stay.
So stop.

Mind-You’re scared that if you don’t stay, you’ll be forgotten.

Heart-I don’t fear being forgotten. When death comes for me, forgetfulness will follow. And I do not fear that.

Mind-And if you do not fear being forgotten, then you fear being noticed after you’ve left. Because that’s when you’ll be wanted. And this is what you fear about yourself. That if you leave, you’ll never come back. No matter how much you’re wanted after that. And when you do not return, you will be the reason for pain to all those people. And you don’t want that. You stay because you’d rather hold the pain inside yourself than be the reason behind the pain of others.

Heart-So is it a bad thing to not cause pain to others?

Mind-No, but it is bad if you bleed yourself with their pain, alone.

Heart-I am ready to bleed till I die.

Mind-And what if all those for whom you’re staying and bleeding leave before you?

Heart- .. (silence)


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