The Benefit Of Doubt

Let there be benefit of doubt. Let there be that space where someone else can fuck up. Even if they’ve hurt you, try to understand the reasoning behind their actions. Everyone is just being themselves at the end of the day. It is not necessary that everything that they are made up of will be in sync with what you want or accept easily. Let there be room for mistakes. There are enough places where people are getting sued for something or the other. Let yours be a personality that isn’t always accusatory and full of complains. Let them come to you and find enough space to unwind and fall apart if they need to. Let them come to you and be able to breathe. Really breathe. Let them come to you as they would reach out to themselves. Let them understand themselves in your presence. Let them learn the art of acceptance through you because they still haven’t all made peace with some parts of themselves yet. And the world hasn’t needed anything more than it has needed acceptance. And slowly, everyone will stop lying. They will stop snapping at each other and hurting each other and demeaning each other. There will be love and care to offer to one another. There will be the wholesome presence because the need to hide would have been lost. And reaching out for comfort will become easier, crying will become easier and accepting failure and sorrow will become easier.


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