Your Life

Your life,
a series of occurrences
Or, a web of lies?

Your hair in bunches of knots,
A matter of ignorance
Or, of withdrawal
Your voice soft and shaky,
A matter of aloneness
That kept you safe
Or, of loneliness
That filled you with fear?

Wanting to be left alone
Or, making people want you
Saving yourself from getting lost
Or, from being found lost
Deciphering the darkness of your mind
Or, being gnawed at by your thoughts?

Surrealism of the real
Or, the reality of the surreal
The world of your life
Or, your life of the world
Something being done to you
Or, something you’re doing to yourself
A want to go home
Or, to feel at home?

This body
A temple of God,
Or, an asset
For survival
A want for another’s body
Or, another’s want for your body
A body to hold you
Or, a heart to comfort you
An attraction towards another’s beauty
Or, a distraction from your scars
An urge to suffice
Or, a desire to gratify?

A portrayal of your identity
Or, of the identified self
A touch of love
Or, of hurt
Of yourself
Or, another
A portrait of you painted
Or, soaked with blood
Your body left on the bed
Or, your soul thrown to the floor
A photograph of you
Hung on the wall
Or, your body
Hung by the rope?

A way of life
Happening to you
Or, made happen by you
Of memories and tears
Or, dreams and trembling
Of anguish
Or, euphoria
Of choices
Or, chances?

To seek validation
Or, realisation
To search for answers
Or, the right questions
To listen to the words that attack
Or, the silence that swallows
To measure success with stardom
Or, with wisdom
To save the world
Or, one’s own self
To dig graves for others
Or, to bury yourself in graves others dig for you?

The suffering of the body
Or, the ache of the heart
Seeking and healing
Or, seeking and diminishing
Running in time
Or, run over by time
The world revolving around you
Or, your revolution around what you make of the world
Your existence to be counted in the world
Or, in the eyes of the Creator?

Your life,
a series of occurrences
Or, a web of lies?


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